FAHRWERK: Help for the “Berliner Tafel”

Covid-19 presents us, Fahrwerk Gempf zu Rotter GmbH, with major challenges. The utilization of our vehicles has dropped considerably and so has our turnover. For this reason, we have been thinking about how our freed-up capacities can nevertheless be put to useful use and how we, as a Berlin-based company, can create added value for residents during the crisis.

With the support of Allround Autovermietung, we have therefore decided to provide the Berliner Tafel with two refrigerated vehicles, including driver, free of charge for an indefinite period of time in order to collect food and donations.

Since March 20, two refrigerated trucks from Allround Autovermietung, driven by drivers from FAHRWERK, have been rolling through Berlin collecting donations for the Berliner Tafel.Like the Berliner Tafel, the Arche also faces the challenge of having to bring the food directly to the people concerned. Therefore, we have also contacted them and offered our help in a similar form. The details, how exactly a support will look like here, are still being discussed.

We would be happy to encourage other Berlin entrepreneurs not to bury their heads in the sand, but to accept the situation as it is and to use the possibilities that every company has in its own way to help those people who are hit even harder by this crisis than we are.

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