Why passenger transportation?

Safe and reliable passenger transportation is essential. FAHRWERK guarantees both and much more. In our latest post, we show you what you can look out for as a customer.

September 31, 2023

Events in Berlin

Berlin is the leading location in Germany for trade fairs, events and congresses. FAHRWERK offers exclusive driving services for these events. If you want to learn more about the benefits of our exclusive driving service, feel free to read our latest post.

Februar 01, 2023

Sustainable chauffeur service

The transport partner for sustainable events in Berlin and Germany.

Oktober 01, 2022

Hygiene standard Covid

The current hygiene measures within Covid-19 to protect the health of guests and employees of FAHRWERK. In our new article you will learn all the points that are implemented at FAHRWERK.

November 01, 2020

“Mobility of the future”

In the “Mobility of the Future” podcast, podcast host Julien Figur discusses innovations, new approaches and visions in the field of mobility with Niklas Rotter, CEO of FAHRWERK. Listen in, to find out what the future of mobility could look like.

September 24, 2020

FAHRWERK: Help for the “Berliner Tafel”

FAHRWERK supports the Berliner Tafel in the crisis with more than 20 employees and two vehicles from the partner “Allround Autovermietung”. Read more about FAHRWERK’s initiative in the full post.

März 24, 2020